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Business Bootcamp is here to get your business into shape, by tightening and strengthening your business in the Cloud!

This program is for businesses that want to tighten up their workflow and logistics – perfect for businesses looking to enter a growth period. Bootcamp participants are given the tools to execute within their business immediately, and we work with you to ensure you see results fast!

Business Bootcamp is designed to show you how to maximize your business and bring it to order, utilizing the tools that make you comfortable.


Contact us for details on our next session! Session starting week of January 24, 2022

​*Space is limited to 4 individuals per session!

Bootcamp includes: 

  • Twelve weeks of one-hour group sessions (up to four individuals) covering topics such as Cash Flow, Value Pricing, General Efficiencies, Income Tax, Hiring, Other Revenue Streams, Marketing, and social media.

  • Twelve weeks of one-on-one sessions with our certified trainers, Tanya and Leanne, working on what you need in your business. We’ll join you in the trenches and help you create and execute the tasks that will help you meet your goals and business potential.

  • All of our workflows, templates, questionnaires, contracts, and more! We’ll provide you with the turnkey business resources that you need to implicate immediately into your business.​​


Stanley Young Business Strategies has worked with some of the most established companies throughout the greater San Francisco area. We have earned the trust and respect from our clients, as we provide them with world class service, handling each of their needs with care and precision. See how our services have helped our clients.



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I enjoyed the program.  It forced me to focus on forward-thinking at a time when I know I would have only focused on the work immediately in front of me.  I liked the once a week, one-hour group commitment and really appreciate that it was virtual, so it was a true hour.  It was very convenient and the whole process was easy to use.  I love that one on one time was available to get individualized attention.



Be Prepared First Aid

The Business Bootcamp from Cloud Bookkeeping Services was incredible. thorough and invaluable.  in a few short months, I took away information that will guide me for years to come.  Since taking this Bootcamp, I have increased my efficiency, reduced redundancies, and reignited my drive and passion for my business.  When I started this venture I expected to learn a few things and to improve my accounting and my books.  Instead, I overhauled many of my processes in business to become more efficient, have peace of mind, and give me more time to focus on growing my business.



Pop Up Podcasting

Business Bootcamp really helped me focus on the most important aspects of my business.  And I got so many amazing ideas - I'm sure I'll be implementing them for years to come!

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